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 Post subject: LED H4 Headlight Bulb Installation
PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:49 pm 
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At three score and ten my mitochrondia have slowed down so I need some external heat to keep my body warm and hands flexible. At 90W total for heated vest and grips (see the Aerostich Heated Vest Installation and BikeMaster Heated Grips Installation topics) I needed to buy back some power to compensate for the P800's awesomely weak alternator ([email protected] is about what my 1969 CB750 put out). The big drain being the headlight I replaced the 4840cp 100W/80W incandescent bulb that came with the motorcycle with a 3800 lumen 20W/40W LED bulb from Cyclops Adventure Sports ($65). A standard H4 bulb is 55/60W and 910/1500 lumen.
As you can see from the picture, the LED bulb has a small fan which runs continuously while the bulb is illuminated. There is also an electronics box between the H4 plug and the bulb. From what I can see of the LED bulb, low beam is two 10W SMDs=20W from one side of the LED circuit board and high beam is four 10W SMDs=40W from both sides of the LED circuit board. If you operate the bulb outside the headlight housing, do NOT look directly at the bare LEDs without eye protection!

Besides the tools needed to remove sufficient bodywork to access the back of the headlight housing you will need some long, thin needlenose pliers, like skinny 4" at least. A mirror on an extension handle along with a helper to hold a flashlight are useful, especially if you've never done this before.

Remove sufficient bodywork to reach your hand behind the headlight housing. Using the mirror you will see the white H4 connector and the black dust cover. Carefully wiggling the H4 connector, remove it from the bulb. Then remove the dust cover. Do not tear the dust cover!

Using the mirror you will see a wire retainer spring that holds the bulb in. You have to push the spring in and then up or down to unhook it. If it takes you several tries join the club. The needlenose pliers might be useful here.

The bulb pulls straight out. Try to note the alignment with the two closely-spaced tabs at the bottom. If you didn't note the alignment practice with that bulb until you get it right.

Carefully note the the angle of the cable into the LED bulb fan. Then separate the 3-tab mounting ring from the bulb using a CCW turn. Position the ring back into the headlight and lock it into place with the spring. Replace the dust cover with TOP at the top and the tab at the botton; if you have some silicone grease apply a small amount to the dust cover to improve weather-resistance. Carefully position the fan cable at the same angle as before and insert the bulb through the dust cover and mounting ring into the headlight. Here's where it gets a bit tricky: you have to push firmly enough to compress the dust cover to fit the bulb back into the ring and lock it with a CW turn but not so hard as to damage the bulb.

Connect the electronics unit H4 plug to the motorcycles H4 socket. Turn the ignition on and verify low and high beam operation. You really like that new color don't you? You're running with the big dogs now.

Tie-wrap the electronics unit where it isn't hanging freely. It wouldn't hurt to wrap some electrical tape around the H4 connection. That bulb is going to be there for a long time.
The bulb includes two spacer rings to adjust low-beam focus. I've haven't done that yet. If you've gotten this far you can follow the instructions Cyclops provided. Let us know what works for you.

--Rating: 5 stars -- must have (improved lighting performance while providing needed power savings for heated vest and grips)!

Purple 1989 Mustang for fun
Yellow 1996 PC800 for more fun

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